PRESS RELEASE: Commission for Case Manager Certification issues call for comments on revised Codes of Professional Conduct for Certified Case Managers and Certified Disability Management Specialists

Posted on 11/15/2022 - 08:49 AM


Contact: Kate Lyons
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Commission for Case Manager Certification issues call for comments on revised Codes of Professional Conduct for Certified Case Managers and Certified Disability Management Specialists
CCMC requests input from interested parties on the updated codes

MOUNT LAUREL, N.J. Nov. 16, 2022—The Commission for Case Manager Certification® (the Commission), which oversees certification for more than 50,000 board-certified case managers and disability management specialists nationwide, seeks input from certified case managers (CCM), certified disability management specialists (CDMS) and other interested parties on its revised CCM® and CDMS® Codes of Professional Conduct (the Codes). The deadline for public comment is December 14, 2022.

“Everyone who holds these certifications agrees to abide by the Codes. It’s in their inherent best interest to read and understand these changes,” said MaryBeth Kurland, MPA, CAE, ICE-CCP, CEO of the Commission. “The Codes protect the public interest and the clients served, and they also provide principles and guidelines for practice these professionals follow in their daily work.”

CCM certificants advocate for clients and help them navigate the complex, evolving health care system. They coordinate care and serve on the health care team to ensure access to safe, effective, and person-centered care. CDMS certificants are experts in absence and leave management, helping clients return to work and achieve optimal health.

The Codes are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that professional standards align with current practice and appropriately respond to emerging challenges in the field. They include professional conduct rules and standards, broad advisory principles and governing procedures for addressing ethical concerns.

The Commission’s Ethics and Professional Conduct Committee conducted a thorough evaluation and sought guidance from its legal counsel to consider contemporary issues that could be informed by updates to the Codes. Revisions to both the CCM and CDMS codes include:

  • Removal of language related to advisory opinions;
  • Inclusion of a new mechanism for Certificants to self-report Code violations;
  • Extension of the period for a complaint or self-reported violation to be filed, from six months to one year from the alleged violation; and
  • A revision giving the Ethics and Professional Conduct Committee discretion to disclose supporting documentation and related responses to both parties for an accepted complaint as a means to allow proper processing of the complaint.
  • The addition to the CCM Code of the case management definition jointly approved by the Commission and the American Case Management Association.

Given the nature of the work performed by CCM and CDMS certificants, the Codes are essential to guide daily practice. Broad principles provide an advisory framework for considering the myriad challenges arising in these roles and remind practitioners to prioritize clients’ safety, privacy, and autonomy above all. The Codes anticipate and address common ethical concerns around conflict of interest and client relationships, advocacy standards, professional responsibilities, data privacy and legal compliance.

“The principles in the Code ensure the client is always at the center of care,” said Teri Treiger, RN, MA, CCM, FABQAURP, Commission Chair. “The principles guide care delivery and emphasize our commitment to ethical practice. They also act as a touchstone when questions arise from employers or payors, giving CCM and CDMS holders confidence and the ability to reference clear, industry-recognized standards for professional practice.”

The proposed Code of Professional Conduct for Case Managers is available for review at this link, and the proposed Code of Professional Conduct for Certified Disability Management Specialists can be viewed here. Those interested in offering comments are invited to read the changes and submit responses by December 14, 2022. The final revised Codes are slated for release in 2023.


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