Becoming Certified

Why CDMS is Right for You

Whether your employer encourages you to seek CDMS certification or you simply want to hone your professional skills and knowledge, earning your CDMS is a smart move for both you and your organization. CDMS certification expands your expertise and business skills and supports your organization in its pursuit of a knowledgeable and productive workforce. The CDMS boosts customer confidence, giving you a competitive edge in the marketplace while advancing your own professional development.

As a Certified Disability Management Specialist (CDMS), you’ll become part of a community of professionals with demonstrated expertise in integrated disability and absence management. CDMS certification

  • validates specialized knowledge through examination;
  • verifies requisite levels of education and experience;
  • demonstrates a commitment to continuing education and examination to stay at the forefront of your profession; and
  • is evidence of your adherence to high ethical standards through the Code of Professional Conduct.

Are you ready to take your career to the next level?

Review the CDMS Guide for Candidate Certification and eligibility criteria

Upcoming Exam Windows 

The CDMS Certification Exam is offered twice a year in March and September within a designated window. Online applications are due approximately 6 weeks prior. Candidates can choose from more than 300 test administration centers in the United States. Testing will be available at a testing center or live remote proctoring. Thinking about applying for the CDMS certification exam? Consider one of the upcoming exam windows:

Exam Cycle September 2022 March 2023
Application window opens April 1 November 1
Application window closes June 30 January 31
Approval/denial notification July 31 February 29
Exam administration  September 10-17 March 4-11