ADMS Designation

If you’re a professional in the field of disability management but don’t meet the eligibility criteria to pursue CDMS certification, the Associate Disability Management Specialist (ADMS) designation is the ideal path for you.

The pathway to earning the ADMS designation is through the Core Knowledge Curriculum (CKC). One must successfully complete the CKC with a cumulative passing score of 80% across all module post-tests.

Why choose the ADMS designation?

  • The market demands qualified professionals: The disability management field is evolving, encompassing many disciplines including nursing, safety, risk management, and human resources. The ADMS designation meets the market demand for professionals who can demonstrate heightened knowledge and commitment to excellence. Employers benefit from enhanced customer confidence and a competitive edge in the marketplace.

  • The ADMS signifies competency in the disability management professional continuum. Whether you’ve practiced for years but lack the required education for CDMS certification, or you’re a new practitioner looking for a solid career foundation, the ADMS designation is the mark of competency. It also provides a career path for those wishing to meet the eligibility criteria and sit for the CDMS certification examination in the future.

Consumer Protection and Confidence

The ADMS designation, like the CDMS certification, benefits the workforce and serves to protect consumers who receive disability management services. ADMS designees are held to high standards of professional and ethical conduct and must demonstrate competence and knowledge of best practices.

The Path to ADMS Designation

Your path to ADMS designation begins with a robust online educational tool—the Core Knowledge Curriculum (CKC).

The CDMS CKC is organized into an introductory module and four domain modules, each reflecting an area of practice. They include:

  1. Disability and Work Interruption Case Management
  2. Workplace Intervention for Disability Prevention
  3. Program Development, Management, and Evaluation
  4. Employment Leaves and Benefits Administration

For more details about the domains, see the CKC Practice Domains.

Each CDMS CKC domain module begins with a pre-test to assess your knowledge base. Upon completion of each domain, a post-test measures your progress. You may take each post-test up to three times. The CDMS CKC Online Learning tool records the best possible score for each domain post-test.

Earn your ADMS today! 

A cumulative score is calculated upon completion of all four domains. A cumulative score of 80% or more across all domains is required to earn the ADMS designation.

The ADMS is valid for three years. If you are currently an ADMS designee preparing for renewal, please  review the Renewal page.