Additional Learning Modules

Two learning modules were added to complement the Core Knowledge Curriculum. These content-rich, learning modules cover “hot topics” relevant to today’s disability management professionals. Designees or certificants who successfully complete one of these new modules will receive continuing education (CE) credit.


As the workforce ages, the role of the disability management service provider is becoming more complex. With a major demographic shift underway, disability managers need to be armed with a strong understanding of this emerging population and develop new competencies to interpret how disability and case management techniques apply. Utilizing a case study approach, this module is designed to provide the Certified Disability Management Specialist with insight into the aging population and the impact realized in workplace policies and procedures. This module provides 8 CE clock hours.


This module is designed to help you understand key concepts related to the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA) and the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and why an integrated approach to disability and absence management makes sense. As employers and employees face numerous, ever-evolving, workplace regulations, the importance of understanding them and how they can be managed in a cohesive manner is more important than ever. Disability managers need to be equipped to respond to questions, provide guidance as to how various benefit systems and regulations interact, and ultimately provide advice as to how the case management process should be carried out. This module provides 8 CE clock hours.

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