CDMS White Papers

To help certificants stay current with the latest trends in disability and absence management, the Commission publishes informative white papers on topics that are highly relevant to the field of practice.

  • The white papers may be downloaded for personal use at no charge.
  • Permission is required from the CDMS Commission to use for group distribution.

Using Content from White Papers

The CDMS Commission white paper content is intended to be used as a guideline only. It is not intended to be legal advice. White papers may be used without change or explicit permission by properly citing as a reference of the CDMS Commission.

Current White Papers

Disability Management: Addressing the Multigenerational Workforce

For the first time in history, a minimum of four generations are in the U.S. workforce. These groups represent a wide span of ages and a spectrum of habits, work ethics, learning styles, and communication preferences. Much has been written on the generations, especially the large demographic of baby boomers, who are now in their 50s and 60s. In this paper, the focus is narrowed, addressing the multigenerational workforce strictly from a disability management perspective, from a context of health, wellness, prevention, and return to work.

Download the Multigenerational Workforce white paper.

ADA Amendments: Taking a Workforce Management Approach

The ADA Amendments have been in effect since January 2009, but the impact on the workplace has not been fully understood by many employers. Now, with a broader range of people considered under the law to have disabilities, and therefore entitled to reasonable accommodations, employers are presented with an opportune time to evaluate their responses.

Download the ADA Amendments white paper.