Why Hire a CDMS or ADMS?

Whether working internally with the employer, through a third party, or as an outside consultant, a CDMS or ADMS provides unique experience and perspective on workplace solutions to improve employee health and productivity.

The CDMS certification and ADMS designation communicate that the individual who holds that credential is held to a set standard of knowledge and skills and they must adhere to a professional and ethical code of conduct. These professionals demonstrate that they possess the professional background and expertise to practice competently in the field of disability management. And, their commitment to continuing education is an assurance that they will stay current with best practices and changes in the industry.

For the employer, this level of staff competency lends itself to enhanced customer confidence and a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Certified Disability Management Specialists have the proven knowledge and expertise to

  • promote effective communication among stakeholders
  • participate in multidisciplinary workplace teams composed of human resources, risk management, safety, occupational health, and others
  • work closely with others to achieve successful return-to-work and stay-at-work outcomes
  • design, implement, and evaluate workplace programs in cooperation with management and labor
  • offer training and education of supervisors, managers, employees, labor organizations, and others to promote program goals.

The ADMS designation, like the CDMS certification, benefits the workforce and serves to protect the consumers who receive disability management services.

Learn more about CDMS certification and ADMS designation and the role they play in today's workforce.