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Among Certifications, CDMS MEANS BUSINESS

Whether you are starting your career or already practicing in the field, becoming a Certified Disability Management Specialist (CDMS) lets others know that you possess the business acumen and competencies needed to help employees stay at or return to work while assuring employers that you can be trusted to maintain a balance that helps them control and identify financial, safety, and other risks that confront them.

With professional credentialing, an emphasis is placed on your enhanced skill and knowledge in the field. It shows a commitment to advancing your profession and can serve as a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Those who hold the Certified Disability Management Specialists (CDMS) credential are better equipped to analyze, prevent, and alleviate the human and economic impact of disability.

  • Individuals who receive disability management services associate CDMS with quality, expertise, and consumer protection.
  • Employers seeking proactive workplace solutions recognize that CDMS means in-depth knowledge, best practices, and cost-effective programs.
  • Certificants equate the CDMS credential with the highest standards for competence, professional conduct, and ethics.


Play A Role in a Healthier Workplace

Looking to take your knowledge and skills to the next level? Learn more about eligibility criteriahow to become certified and review some of the most frequently asked questions. Apply for the exam here.

Prepare for the exam by purchasing the practice exam!

Already certified? Maintain your commitment to professional development through continuing education and CDMS recertification.


ADMS Designation

If you are already practicing in the disability management field, but do not meet the eligibility criteria for the CDMS credential, consider taking the Core Knowledge Curriculum. Successful completion of the curriculum is the pathway to ADMS Designation. 

If you are currently a professional practicing in the field of disability management but do not meet the eligibility criteria to pursue CDMS certification, the Associate Disability Management Specialist (ADMS) designation is the ideal path for you.

Responds to Market Demand

Disability management in the workplace continues to evolve. Rooted in insurance-based rehabilitation, today the field encompasses many disciplines including nursing, safety, risk management, and human resources. Over the years, employers and professionals alike have recognized the value of an independent, practice-based credential that demonstrates competency and commitment to excellence. The creation of the ADMS designation meets the demand for professionals seeking heightened knowledge and skills. Employers benefit from enhanced customer confidence and a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Meets Continuum of Professional Development

Whether you have practiced for years in the field and lack the required education for CDMS certification or you are a new practitioner looking for a solid foundation to build your career, the ADMS designation signifies competency. It also provides a stepping stone for those wishing to meet the eligibility criteria and sit for the CDMS certification examination in the future.

Achieving ADMS Designation

The pathway to earning the ADMS designation is through the Core Knowledge Curriculum (CKC). One must successfully complete the CKC with a cumulative passing score of 80% across all module post-tests.

Consumer Protection and Confidence

The ADMS designation, like the CDMS certification, benefits the workforce and serves to protect consumers who receive disability management services. ADMS designees are held to high standards of professional and ethical conduct and must demonstrate competence and knowledge of best practices.

For more information on the Code of Professional Conduct and how you can obtain and renew the ADMS Designation, please review the ADMS Guide for Candidate Designation and Renewal.


Promoting Your Certification

You've earned your CDMS certification. Congratulations. Now how can you promote its value?

Use of the CDMS credential is reserved exclusively for those who have met all eligibility criteria and successfully taken and passed the certification examination. Once you have passed the exam, you may use the CDMS credential after your name.

To establish your credibility and professional competency, you may also identify yourself as a CDMS in your correspondence, curriculum vitae, and other professional materials.

We applaud you for your commitment to advancing your professionalism, knowledge, and skills.